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  • Friday, February 12th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-12-16 Steve Lappas, CBS Sports Network College Basketball Analyst

    Why is this year's tournament field so wide open
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-12-16 Kevin Greene, 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee

    His emotions after getting elected to the Hall of Fame
  • Thursday, February 11th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-11-16 Erin Heatherton, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model

    What is it like to be in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-11-16 Jason Whitlock, FOX Sports 1 Writer

    His thoughts on the reaction to Beyonce's Super Bowl performance
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-11-16 Jay Williams, Duke Basketball Legend and ESPN College Basketball Analyst

    What was it like to recover from his motorcycle accident
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-11-16 Brad Stevens, Boston Celtics Head Coach

    On how difficult it was to lose former player Andrew Smith
  • Wednesday, February 10th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-10-16 Clay Travis, Fox Sports College Football Writer

    What he makes of the Ole Miss Football violations
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-10-16 Tony Dungy, Hall of Fame NFL Head Coach, NFL Analyst for NBC Sports

    If his former quarterback Peyton Manning has another year left in him
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-10-16 Chris Harris, Denver Broncos Cornerback

    What does it mean to be a Super Bowl Champion
  • Tuesday, February 9th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-9-16 Grant Hill, NBA Analyst for Turner Sports

    What does he make of Derek Fisher's firing
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-9-16 Brent Barry, NBA Analyst for Turner Sports

    Were the Cavs and Knicks right in moving on from their head coaches
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-9-16 Von Miller, Denver Broncos Linebacker

    What it was like to win and be the MVP of Super Bowl 50
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-9-16 Opening Segment on Cam Newton

    Doug on Cam Newton's comments today defending himself
  • Friday, February 5th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-5-16 Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs Running Back

    What has his injury recovery been like
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-5-16 Chuck Pagano, Indianapolis Colts Head Coach

    How did he and the team handle distractions this season
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-5-16 – Ryan Reynolds, Actor

    What was it like to make Deadpool
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-5-16 Ezekiel Elliott, Former Ohio State Running Back

    What is the greatest memory of winning a National Championship
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-5-16 Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints Quarterback

    How is shoulder feeling
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-5-16 Cuba Gooding Jr., Actor

    What it was like to be in The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story on FX
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-5-16 Joey Bosa, Former Ohio State Defensive Lineman

    What's it like to play for Urban Meyer
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-5-16 Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys Quarterback

    What was it like suffering a major injury and what's the recovery like
  • Thursday, February 4th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-4-16 Deion Sanders, Legendary NFL Cornerback

    How good are Josh Norman and Aqib Talib
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-4-16 Jerry Rice, Legendary NFL Wide Receiver

    How has the game changed since his days of playing
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-4-16 Terrell Owens, Legendary NFL Wide Receiver

    What is his most memorable touchdown celebration
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-4-16 Tim Tebow, Legendary College Football Player

    Is he done playing the game of football for good
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-4-16 Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks Cornerback

    What's it like facing the Carolina Panthers
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-4-16 Eric Berry, Kansas City Chiefs Safety

    What it was like to return to the field after being diagnosed with cancer
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-4-16 Les Moonves, Chariman, CBS Corporation

    What's new at CBS
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-4-16 Brett Favre, Legendary Green Bay Packers Quarterback

    What does he miss about playing in the NFL
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-4-16 Kurt Warner, NFL Network Analyst

    What are his feelings about potentially being a Hall of Famer
  • Wednesday, February 3rd
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-3-16 Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons Quarterback

    What makes the Panthers so good
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-3-16 Brandon Marshall, New York Jets Wide Receiver

    Would it had been different if Geno Smith was the quarterback this year
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-3-16 Warren Moon, Legendary NFL Quarterback

    Is the hatred towards Cam Newton racial
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-3-16 Brian Kelly, Notre Dame Head Football Coach

    What is it like to recruit in college football
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-3-16 Sean McManus, CBS Sports Chairman

    What is it like to be broadcasting Super Bowl 50
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-3-16 Cameron Jordan, New Orleans Saints Defensive Lineman

    What's it like to go up against the Panthers
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-3-16 Bill Cowher, CBS NFL Analyst

    What's it like to be coaching a team during Super Bowl week
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-3-16 Jared Goff, Cal Quarterback and NFL Draft Prospect

    What is it like preparing for the NFL Draft
  • Tuesday, February 2nd
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-2-16 Jay Feely, Special Teams Analyst for CBS’ Super Bowl 50 Broadcast

    What impact will special teams have on Super Bowl 50
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-2-16 Solomon Wilcots, NFL Analyst for CBS

    Where does this Broncos' defense rank all-time
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-2-16 Tim Brown, Former Oakland Raiders Wide Receiver

    What it means to be a Hall of Famer
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-2-16 Mike Freeman & Pete Prisco, NFL Writers

    They debate the biggest questions and and topics in the NFL
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-2-16 Charles Tillman, Carolina Panthers Cornerback

    On what it's like to be injured with his team in the Super Bowl
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-2-16 Colin Cowherd, Fox Sports Radio Host

    What the Super Bowl scene is like
  • Monday, February 1st
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-1-16 Amy Trask, NFL Analyst for CBS

    Her thoughts on relocation in the NFL
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-1-16 Matt Miller, NFL Lead Writer for Bleacher Report

    His thoughts on the Senior Bowl
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-1-16 Brandon Krisztal, Exec. Producer & Reporter at Denver Sports 760

    Where does the Broncos' defense rank all-time
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-1-16 Peter King, Sports Illustrated's

    What does the future have in store for Johnny Manziel
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 2-1-16 Andre Reed, Legendary Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver

    What does he make of Calvin Johnson possibly retiring
  • Friday, January 29th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 1-29-16 Lon Kruger, Oklahoma Head Basketball Coach

    Can Oklahoma sustain their number 1 ranking
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 1-29-16 Miles Simon, ESPN College Basketball Analyst

    Joins the show to preview this weekend's games
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 1-29-16 Adam Archuleta, NFL Analyst for CBS Sports

    Is Las Vegas a viable option for an NFL team
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 1-29-16 Adrian Wojnarowski, Editor for The Vertical on

    How has David Blatt's firing been perceived throughout the league
  • Thursday, January 28th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 1-28-16 Scott Stapp, Lead singer of Creed

    How does he feel about the Panthers "Creed Bombing"
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 1-28-16 Connor Barwin, Philadelphia Eagles LB

    Would he have gone to the pro bowl if selected
  • Wednesday, January 27th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 1-27-16 Danny Granger, Former LA Clipper

    What was his reaction when he heard the news about Blake
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 1-27-16 Ken Berger, NBA Writer for

    What teams will be active before the trade deadline
  • Tuesday, January 26th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 1-26-16 Troy Aikman, Former NFL QB

    Is Cam the best QB in the league this year
  • Monday, January 25th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 1-25-16 Tony Gonzalez, NFL Today Analyst

    Is Gronk better than he was
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 1-26-16 Brendan Haywood, Former Cleveland Cav

    What are his thoughts on the David Blatt firing

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