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  • Tuesday, November 24th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-24-15 Zoning In

    Boston, MA with Jeff Howe I South Bend, IN with Nick Ironside l NFL Officiating with Jim Daopoulos
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-24-15 Verne Lundquist, CBS College Football Broadcaster

    Did he give up on Nick Saban after they lost
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-24-15 Game Time

    It's time to play a game
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-24-15 Jason LaCanfora, NFL Insider

    What is the future of Johnny Manziel in the NFL

    All the top stories, all delivered at once
  • Monday, November 23rd

    Why does he think there is such a push for small ball in the NBA

    What was the process like having his father shot in the line of duty

    Taking a local look at the top stories

    How does he think Brock Osweiler played in his first NFL start

    It's time to play a game
  • Friday, November 20th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-20-15 The Press

    Cam Newton & Carson Palmer I DeMarcus Cousins I Roger Clemens I Charlie Strong
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-20-15 Dan Plesac, MLB Network analyst

    What did Andy Van Slyke have to gain with his comments about Robinson Cano and Yasiel Puig?
  • Friday, November 20th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-20-15 Zoning In

    Jacksonville, FL with Ryan O'Halloran I Denver, CO with Brandon Krisztal I College Football with Tom Fornelli
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-20-15 Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles Defensive End

    Has the Eagles defense been keeping them afloat?
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-20-15 Game Time

    Warriors l TCU @ Oklahoma l Tom Herman I Packers I Kobe Bryant
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-19-15 The Press

    Cy Young Awards l Warriors Clippers I Tiger Woods I Jose Fernandez I Chicago Bears
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-19-15 Game Time

    Yasiel Puig l Sam Bradford I Ronda Rousey Holly Holm rematch I Tony Romo I Philadelphia 76ers
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-19-15 Marquise Williams, UNC Quarterback

    How much does he think about the College Football Playoff Rankings?
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-19-15 Ian Rapoport, NFL Network Reporter

    What does Sunday's game against the Bears mean for Brock Osweiler?
  • Thursday, November 19th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-19-15 GARY MYERS, Author of Brady vs Manning: The Untold Story of the Rivalry that Transformed the NFL

    Do Tom Brady and Peyton Manning like each other?
  • Wednesday, November 18th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-18-15 Keenan Reynolds, Navy QB

    What makes this Navy team different than other years
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-18-15 Zoning In

    Taking a local look at the top stories
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-18-15 Mike Leach, head coach of the Washington State Cougars

    Is he happy with the College Football Playoff
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-18-15 Ken Berger, NBA Insider

    What's wrong with the Houston Rockets
  • Tuesday, November 17th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-17-15 Joe Buck, FOX Broadcaster

    What was the purpose behind your new TV show?
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-17-15 Jarvis Landry , Miami Dolphins WR

    How great was the win over the Eagles
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-17-15 Jared Allen, Carolina Panthers DE

    What was it like seeing Cam do the dance in the end zone
  • Monday, November 16th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-16-15 Golden Tate, Detroit Lions WR

    How did it feel to beat the Packers
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-16-15 Zoning In

    A local look at the top stories of the day
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-16-15 Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State Head Coach

    How good is this Oklahoma State team
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-16-15 Kyle Postma, Houston Cougars QB

    What was it like coming in the game to bring Houston back to win
  • Friday, November 13th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-13-15 Jerry Hinnen, College Football Writer

    Who are his top 4 teams in the country
  • Thursday, November 12th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-12-15 Al Horford, Atlanta Hawks C

    How do the Hawks do better than last year
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-12-15 Angelo Pizzo, Movie Writer and Director

    What are his expectation for his new movie "My All-American"
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-12-15 Zoning In

    A local look at the biggest stories of the day
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-12-15 Steve Lappas, CBS Sports College Basketball Analyst

    How good is UNC going to be this season
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-12-15 Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavs G

    When will we see him back on the court
  • Wednesday, November 11th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-11-15 Troy Brown, Former NE Patriot

    What was it like playing with Tom Brady
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-11-15 Joe Mckeehen, WSOP Champion

    What was it like when you knew you were going to win
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-11-15 Torii Hunter, Former MLB player

    Why did you decided to retire now
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-11-15 Ken Berger, NBA Insider for

    Where will Kevin Durant be playing next season
  • Tuesday, November 10th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-10-15 Delanie Walker, TE for the Titans

    Do bad teams try to lose
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-10-15 Dennis Dodd, NCAAF writer for CBS Sports

    What was your first thought when you heard about what happened in Missouri
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-10-15 Bret Bielema, Arkansas Head Coach

    Why did he end up going for two instead of the tie
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-10-15 Dak Prescott, Miss St. QB

    What makes him such a great leader for his team
  • Monday, November 9th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-9-15 Daryl Morey, Houston Rockets GM

    How do the Rockets turn around the slow start to the season
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-9-15 Doug's Take

    Doug talks about the situation at Missouri
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-9-15 Gary Danielson, CBS Sports NCAAF Analyst

    How good is Alabama's D
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-9-15 Devontae Booker, RB for Utah

    What has made his team so good this season
  • Friday, November 6th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-6-15 Jamie Dukes, NFL Network Analyst

    What should the Cowboys do with Greg Hardy
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-6-15 Allie LaForce, CBS Sports Sideline Reporter

    How big of a game is LSU-Alabama
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-6-15 Charles Tillman, CB for the Carolina Panthers

    Why did he want to play with the Panthers
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-6-15 Tom Ley, Deadspin Editor

    How did they get the Greg Hardy photos
  • Thursday, November 5th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11.5.15 Todd Gurley, Rams RB

    How has he adjusted to the NFL game
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-5-15 Kyle Rudolph, Vikings TE

    Did he think the Vikings would be this good this season
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-5-15 Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals WR

    What has made Arizona so good this season
  • Wednesday, November 4th
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-4-15 Ken Berger, NBA Insider

    What will keep Kevin Durant in OKC after this season
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-4-15 Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks Owner

    Is he over everything that happened with the Clippers
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-4-15 Deshone Kizer, QB for Notre Dame

    How have they kept coming from behind to win
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 11-4-15 Shaun O'Hara, NFL Network Analyst

    How does he feel about players taking HGH

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