The Doug Gottlieb Show Weekly Rewind 11/17-11/21

JEREMY HILL – 11/17/14
Cincinnati Bengals running back

“My position coach talked to me and the offensive coordinator talked to me. They let me know what they felt about it, and we went on from there. No one made too big of a deal about it. Everyone was frustrated after the loss. Everyone’s pretty much moved on from it. Like I said, we’ll play them again. It’s a great division rival.”
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Jeremy Hill

ALEC OGLETREE – 11/17/14
St. Louis Rams linebacker

“It’s reasonable to expect us to go out there, to fight every game and try to win every game that we can. We’re definitely looking forward to playing this week out in San Diego against another top quarterback in the league. We just got to come out and do what we need to do to win the game.”
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Alec Ogletree

Arizona Cardinals cornerback

“I don’t know why it seems like the refs are after me, but I have to play the game not worrying about those guys. I have to go out there and play to win. If they call the flag, they call the flag. I have to move forward. I can’t dwell on it.”
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Patrick Peterson

ROBIN LOPEZ – 11/19/14
Portland Trail Blazers center

“We have to play like we’re still the underdogs. We can’t become too complacent.”
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Sacramento Kings center

“It helps you become a better player. It helps you become a better teammate. You know how to play through adversity when it hits you because that’s something you’ve been through a lot.”
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